A proposal for a summer gas leaf blower ban in New York State is currently in the Health Committees of both the State Senate and State Assembly. Please go to both links below to indicate your support.

Information about Legislation Impacting the Usage of Leaf Blowers

Leaf Blowers under Scrutiny

There is a growing concern about the implications connected to the usage of leaf blowers. In several locations legislation has already been enacted, and many municipalities are in the process of formulating proposals or ordinances. For those who are interested in pursuing legislation, we have collected a comprehensive collection of science- based information about the impact of leaf blowing:

Leaf Blowers and Air Quality >   Leaf Blowers and Climate Change >   Leaf Blowers and Noise >

Leaf Blowers and Ecology >   Battery Powered Leaf Blowers >   Leaf Blowers and Legislation >

For a full overview of scientific research related to leaf blowing issues click here

There are many ways in which Leaf Blowers can be restricted

While a general concern about leaf blower usage is shared, there are many specific ways in which these concerns are felt and acted on. The result is a patchwork of legislation, from bans and time limitations to incentives for electric blowers. This is very challenging for the landscapers that often work in different districts. We suggest everyone, who is looking for regulations, to carefully study the existing rules in other districts and to work, if possible together with landscapers and neighboring municipalities. If you like to connect with an organization that is working nationally for leaf blower regulation visit: Quiet Communities: https://www.quietcommunitiesinc.org/

For an overview of leaf blower ordinances in the USA click here

Regulatory efforts in the State of New York: Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester

Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester have often been on the forefront of environmental regulations. This might be a result of the population density, the presence of a great number of environmental groups, but also because the adverse effects of  environmental issues are often felt the strongest in these heavily populated areas. These counties are all served by a great number of landscaping businesses and the density of these counties make that leaf blowers are heard with great frequency.  COVID issues have made many commuters aware of the leaf blowers, since an increasing number of them are now working from home. Growing air quality warnings and concerns about the relation between COVID and air quality might is yet another argument for the growing concern.

If you live in New York State, and you are interested in the topic of leaf blowers, want more information or learn more about local initiatives, please connect with Huntington Calm (Nassau County/Suffolk County): http://huntingtoncalm.org/   or with us (Westchester): info@leaveleavesalone.org

If you are interested in pursuing regulation in the state of New York click here